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We believe crate training is a great thing to start right away with your puppy. 

1.Choose the right size. Take into consideration the size your puppy will end up as an adult. Most of our dogs can use a medium size crate. But as they grow, it may be necessary to get a bigger one. 

2. NEVER use your crate as a punishment. You want this to be a comfortable, secure place for your Aussie to feel safe. 

3. Your puppy needs to be let out every couple hours as their bladder can not handle long stints of time. You do not want your puppy getting used to using the bathroom inside his or her crate. The length of time will get longer as they learn to hold their bladder. But an Aussie is still not going to do well in a crate all day. They are a very active breed. A crate is great option for night time use. 

4. Aussies (& most puppies) are very responsive too treats. Use treats and the word "crate/sleep/home" (whatever you choose to call the space) to get them excited about entering the space. Always always always positive reinforcement! ;)

5. Place a blanket over the crate (especially at night) to create a dark safe environment for your puppy. There will be less distractions and your puppy will be able to rest. We want o create as little anxiety inside of a crate as possible. 

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